15. 8. 2013

Cabaret Prague

Origin of the Cabaret

cabaret-pragueWhere does the word „cabaret“ come from? Do you want to know? If you are interested, this is the place to learn more. The first night establishment of this kind was opened in France, at the beginning of the 19th century. France is a cradle of cabaret. The first cabaret was opened in the heart of Paris, in Montmartre. Do you know anyone who would have no idea what Moulin Rouge or Le Chat Noir are? The term „cabaret“ comes from French language where it stands for wine cellar that has similar environment of the cabaret. There is an unwritten rule that cabaret equals big entertainment. It includes music, dance, singing or ballet as well as magician shows, cancan dance, various competitions and acrobatic shows. Cabaret show is happening on the stage and the audience sits round smaller tables where they are offered various drinks and other refreshments. Cabaret drinks include decent bottles of champagne, nice wines from around the world or cocktails of your choice. It is obvious that such kind of entertainment is aimed at adult audiences only.

Environment and Programmes offered by the Cabaret

Rich and colourful programme of the cabaret is provided by beautiful women that wear expensive and richly decorated costumes that are mostly not fully covering the parts of body the visitors desire to see. The show is accompanied by music that plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of the show. Lightning is also of an importance; it can perfectly change the environment of the cabaret and evoke the desired mood. The visitors could either come to cabaret, have a drink, sit for a while and enjoy the atmosphere or choose one of the programmes of the wide offer that the cabaret provides. The offer could be a so called artistic striptease where the visitors could watch the well-known star of the cabaret scene, the original dancer Dita von Teese. Other performers are of the cabaret shows are singers, comedians, and, in the first place, seductive dancers. These seductive dancers come from all over the world and it is obvious that they all look beautiful. The beauty of women is, more than anywhere else, praised and celebrated in the environment of the cabaret. These girls and women perform various dances that can both entertain and bring the house down. Perfect cabaret striptease performances, live shows, auto-erotic shows with fabulous women in very sexy costumes are not an exception.

Cabaret Prague is a Synonym for Perfect Entertainment

Cabaret is a perfect place to celebrate events of various kind, anniversaries, birthdays etc. Exclusive beautiful girls are there for you to entertain you. You will be in the centre of attention of their night, the place will be a paradise full of passion, erotic, unexpected and unrepeatable experience, and it will be the place where your dreams and desires come true. Prague cabaret could become a place for business meetings, important negotiations, untraditional rendezvous or just a special place where your business partners could be invited to unwind and have fun. The exceptional environment of cabaret offers relaxed atmosphere, great variety of drinks and nice girls. All this combined may help the smooth process of your meeting. Your business partners will surely appreciate invitation of such kind which will lead towards better cooperation between you and them. Within the cabaret there are various kinds of places and spots that are suitable for different occasions and types of people. Helpful cabaret staff will surely seat you to the most appropriate place so that your guests and you have a lot of fun. The most demanding visitors of cabaret could enjoy the comfort of the VIP seats that offer the best views of the cabaret performances. Your entertainment is catered for by perfect girls of different nationalities, hair colours, shapes of body, etc. So there is a very high probability that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Cabaret or kabaret is an intimate and exciting space for both individuals and groups, a space that you will fall in love, the place that would become and unforgettable experience. Be our guests and let yourself experience the best cabarets in Prague, come and enjoy the cabarets right this evening. We can guarantee that you will not regret your choice. We believe that you will come back again soon.

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