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23. 9. 2013

Swingers club Prague and Wednesdays have one in common – stockings


Tantra club aka Swingers club Prague holds a themed party called The night of stockings (Noc punčošek) every Wednesday. Surely you already guess what is the party’s dresscode like. Nylons are not only a practical garment of women, it is also a tool of sexual attraction.

If some of the attendants to the party forgets her stocking at home, she can buy a pair at the bar. We made sure we are perfectly ready for the party but, it is always better to stick to the favourite stockings in which you feel sexy because only then you’ll be gleaming with confidence and nobody will look past you.

At The night of stockings party you can be looking foreward to a special program which includes massages called Isis, a short tutorial of touch therapy and much more. Gentlemen will be surely pleased by the election of Miss stocking, which is a great spectacular. Likewise at any Swingers club Prague party, at this one you’ll enjoy the sexual desire and fantastic climaxes to the fullest, too.

The admission fees for this event are as follows: men 2000 CZK, couples 1500 CZK, women 100 CZK.
The program takes time from 7.00 PM until 11.00 PM. The after party is held until 5.00 AM and the charges remain the same.