6. 8. 2013


restaurace k5

Are you getting ready to go to our K5 Relax? Do not forget to stop to taste the best steak in Prague, but also pasta, carpaccio, salmon, crispy salads and much more. Savor the best food, between 16:00 and 3:00 am. We will strive to fulfill every your wish.

Choice of menu:
Fried shrimp on lettuce with light mayonnaise
Fried prawns with garlic
Omelette with smoked salmon
Carpaccio of beef with basil and Parmesan
Steamed broccoli with cheese sauce,
Sandwich: ciabatta with steak and gorgonzola
Sandwich: ciabatta with chicken, tomatoes and mayonnaise
K5 gourmet salad (chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, sunflower seeds,yogurt dressing)
Natural chicken breast with roasted baby vegetables
Marinated chicken breast in mushroom sauce
Chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham
Pork tenderloin with grilled vegetables young
Pork tenderloin with chanterelles
Pork fillet with crispy grilled bacon
Beef steak with herb butter
Steak with mushrooms
T-bone steak
Lamb chops with rosemary
Lamb chops with garlic
Grilled salmon with caviar sauce
Sirloin steak of tuna on a pink peppercorns
Tiger prawns with garlic and cognac
Cheese plate (various kinds of quality cheese, apples, grapes, nuts, olives)
Baked banana with cinnamon and white wine flamed with cognac, with chocolate
and whipped cream
Carpaccio of pineapple with chocolate
fruit bowl