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29. 1. 2014

Great discount since 1.2.2014 in AAA Exclusive Club!


Gentlemen, slow down your pace of work and think about yourselt a bit. When you keep working all day long, your energy, your job performance (and who knows what else) shall fall. Hold on a second. Throw your troubles away.

As soon as you visit us, you´ll choose a sweet, luxury girls, who will suxk your trousers, but not your pocket!

Since 1.2.2014 we´ll provide you 10% discount on anything if you pay by card. And while paying in cash, we´ll give you discount the whole 20%! Ask manager for the discount at yout arrival.

Stop chasing anything all day long what won´t provide you better satisfaction comparing the one you can get at our place. Basically the whole life is just about the one thing. So come to enjoy it at our place and have fun finally!