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18. 7. 2013

FAQs about escort and escort service # 2

Is escort only for loosers who are not able to chat up someone without the help of money?escort-service-faqs2

This idea about escort is a total nonsense. Escort service has a lot of advantages. You don’t need anybody round to sink into more intimate issues with you. Escort girls are always ready and they appear as soon as you are ready. You can be sure that an escort girl is not into establishing relationships. You will be enjoying your time with someone who has a few nots and donts and is sex-experienced. Even rich and successful men who could have any sexy gold miner prefer to order an escort agency girl. Why? She is professional.

To have sex with and ordinary girl means a lot of extra expenses – dinners, dates, hotels, gifts, …this sex is definitely not for free. You don’t need to be a rocket mathematician to find out that escort service may be eventually much cheaper. Plus there are many other advantages. The biggest one is that you are the one who sets the frequency and the course of the sex.

We are living in a shallow society. Money is not the only criteria according to which one decides whether he/she will have sex with you. Appearance also counts. Sexually attractive guys hardly ever finds difficulties finding a sexual partner. The less blessed ones go for escort services and thus have their whale of time with some physically more attractive then they are. Escort girls and escort men are usually very appealing.

How to make an impression on my escort? I want to do her good and bring her to orgasm.

If you want your escort to enjoy the meeting as well, there is nothing easier but having a chat. Ask her, whether it is possible to induce her orgasm knowing she is working. Ask her what she likes and what makes her horny. Ask for her permission to bring her to orgasm and follow the instructions she gives you. Naturally, ever woman longs for a good sex and satisfaction. It’s up to you the to be able to make her reach her climax.

Does having an escort sex feel as impersonal experience?

It is not the common rule. Women workign as escorts do not mind social contacts. Thanks to this turns the impersonal social level with clear nots and donts into an unaffected personal contacr. Of course, there are some escort girls who wish for the meeting to be soon over and for the money to be quickly in their pockets. In case you are not satisfied with their approach, try another escort but, in most of the times the girls are nice and friendly. Pick an escort girl who has common hobbies with you. You may wonder but, escort girls are of various occupations and professions so everyone finds an adequate girl. It is only up to you how deeply personal the escort meeting will be.

Is she enjoying the sex truly, or is money the only motivation?

Bare in mind that this is a job like any else; even an escort girls does it in order to make money but, it does not neccessarily has to be the only reason why. The difference is that someone likes his/her job, and someone does not. Every occupation has it the same. Even chefs do their jobs for money – some of them like it and enjoy it, some of them do it in order to survive and it doesn’t bring any personal satisfaction. Usually, girls who are fond of sex are more likely to také up such job. And you will easily notice it – they are not that brilliant actresses.

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