15. 8. 2013

Tenga Egg Japanese Massage

What Comes to Your Mind First When Speaking about the Japanese Massage?

japanese-tenga-egg-massageWhen Japanese massage comes to mention, the majority of people first thing of Shiatsu. Such idea is totally correct, Shiatsu is a Japanese Massage, it is a special kind of massage using a specific style. To perform a Japanese massage, Shiatsu in particular, the masseuse presses her fingers towards the skin and applies pressure. Shiatsu massage mainly focuses on foot massage as the Asian healers pay specific attention to feet; there are many energy points there. Shiatsu massage surely represents a very pleasant experience, in our article, though, we will focus on a very special kind of Japanese massage – Japanese Tenga Massage. This kind of Japanese massage is performed with special tool called „Tenga egg“. This kind of massage is only performed in a limited number of erotic massage parlours, and the experience is truly worth it. Let’s find out a bit more about this erotic massage.

What is a “Tenga egg“?

As soon as you learn more about Tenga egg, you will surely appreciate this kind of invention. You certainly can hardly believe that a small thing like Tenga egg has such a big effect. An ideal massage is one that brings the client an ultimate joy, and this exactly is brought by Tenga eggs which is used during the Japanese massage. Tenga egg is a tool used for masturbation. The market offers several kinds of Tenga eggs; they all differ in their inner composition. For Japanese massage, all kinds of Tenga eggs are suitable. Different composition of Tenga egg brings various kinds of joy during the massage. Once you see the Tenga egg yourself, you surely will understand that the name is appropriate. The shape and size fully resembles an egg. It is only that the egg, this time, has no eggshell. You may wonder how Japanese massage could be performed using such a small thing. Do not get confused by the first look, Tenga egg could also serve men of bigger size, Tenga egg is very flexible. Tenga egg is made of soft material and Japanese massage with Tenga egg is a really pleasant experience. When using the Tenga egg, it is advisable to use lubricant, this prevents unpleasant rubbing feelings. If you look after the Tenga egg well, you could use it several times. This does not come into question when speaking about the erotic parlour massage. In erotic massage parlours strict hygiene rules apply.

Japanese Tenga Egg Massage

And now we finally got to the topic of Japanese Tenga egg massage as such. This massage, like many other erotic massages, has many identical features. The Tenga egg massage is done by pretty and sexy masseuses that can, in some cases, be of Japanese origin. The environment where massage is done shall be intimate to allow the client maximum relaxation. Japanese massage stresses a full relaxation, you should not be afraid of any disturbing elements. Prior to the use of the Tenga egg, the masseuse will devote her attention to all of your body to reach maximum enjoyment and evoke very pleasant feelings. It is common that during this part of the Japanese massage you will feel excitement and strong desire to come. The best, though, is yet ahead of you.

The End of the Japanese Tenga Egg Massage

The best part of the Japanese massage with Tenga egg comes in the very end of the massage. Within this stage, the Tenga egg is finally used; the part that you have been really looking forward to. The masseuse takes the Tenga egg of your choice, it is the egg that you had chosen before the massage, fills the Tenga egg with lubricant and puts the Tenga egg onto your penis. The Tenga egg has an opening, through which your penis is stuck through, in this part of the massage you will be surprised how elastic Tenga egg is. After this, moves, similar to those of the classic erotic massage, follow. Classic erotic massage is done by hands whereas Japanese Tenga egg massage is performed by the use of Tenga egg. Your intimate part of body is massaged through the grooves inside the Tenga egg. This kind of erotic massage brings more joy than the classic erotic massage with hands thanks to the higher stimulation. Positive fact is that every kind of Tenga egg is different and so could your massage be. Experiencing the Japanese Tenga egg massage with other kind of Tenga egg can be very different from the previous one and can bring you totally new experience of Japanese massage. One thing is sure; you will reach the maximum joy during every kind of Japanese massage.

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