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16. 8. 2013

Ve Smečkách Street – The Most Bustling Street in Prague

Ve Smečkách Street is Full of Nightclubs

ve-smeckach-street-pragueLooking for a Prague red light district? Ve Smečkách is the place where erotic entertainment is widely offered. Ve Smečkách is a street that offers an unbeatable number of nightclubs like nowhere else in Prague. Erotic clubs in Ve Smečkách Street all offer different kind of entertainment – there are private apartments, erotic clubs, erotic cabarets, strip clubs and much more. Ve Smečkách Street has the exclusivity of a perfect location right in the very centre of Prague. The centre of the city is the place where majority of people gravitate at night. In case when one feels like visiting a nightclub or similar place at night, erotic clubs and erotic entertainment is just a stone´s throw away and there is no need to use expensive taxi or other means of transport. Ve Smečkách Street is within a walking distance from one of the main squares which is a great benefit and saves you cash for travelling around. Ve Smečkách Street does not only offer erotic entertainment but also a variety of restaurants. The restaurants offer quality food for reasonable prices. The restaurants often stay open either late or all night through so one can also eat in the early hours.

Ve Smečkách is a Prague´s Red Light District

You must have heard of the term “Red Light District”. The literal translation stands for a part of town where streets would be lined with red lanterns. Such place could be found in Amsterdam for example, this is the place where sexual services are offered. One could face a wide offer of sexual services from prostitutes luring the people to their erotic establishments and presenting themselves in the shop windows. Ve Smečkách Street is in certain way very similar to Amsterodam Red Light District. You could find exactly the same as the Amsterdam offers with one exception – the prostitution is illegal in the Czech Republic, so the services are not offered so openly. Ve Smečkách Street shop windows ladies already happened in the past, they were soon banned by the authoritites though. Today you can experience windows without curtains and if you look through, you actually see the ladies looking at you though the window. Ve Smečkách Street is illuminated by red lights. Almost every window is illuminated in red and houses are lined with red Xmas lights. The love and sex symbols are at place as well. Do not get puzzled by the neon light, nobody is interested in falling in love with you, you wallet contents is of interest. The rule of the loaded wallet applies. The more you are willing to spend, the better service you get.

Ve Smečkách is not the Only Place in Prague

Should you think that erotic nightclubs would only be found in Ve Smečkách Street, you are not right. Sure, the Ve Smečkách Street is definitelly the place of the highest concentration of erotic nightclubs, erotic entertainment could be found all over the Prague though. Prague is said to be one of the cities in Europe sexual tourists tend to visit more than the others. The demand is relatively high and the supply corresponds to this – you could find some kind of erotic nightclub in almost every part of Prague. There is no guarantee that the services would be of such a high quality as in Ve Smečkách Street establishments, but you may surely encounter a nightclub where you experience an unforgetable night. Just to make sure, it is advisable to look for more information on internet. Not all prostitutes are fair and honest in which case all information or experience blog discussions could prevent you from being robbed or getting the sexually transmitted disease. You should be careful in Ve Smečkách Street as well. Despite the city police station in Ve Smečkách Street you should bear in mind that the street is a place of vice and not of sexual character only. You may bump into the drug addicts or robbers, so stay alert and don´t get too drunk. It is strongly recommend not to take too much cash with you. Take the necessary amount of money only – according to your plans. We will be happy if you share your experience in Ve Smečkách Street.

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