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18. 7. 2013

Erotic clubs Prague – how to behave

erotic-clubs-pragueToday’s hints about how to behave in an erotic club and how be successful during the visit come straight from one of the female club employee’s mouth.

It is late in the evening, I am wearing sexy garters and lingerie but, I am starting to be bored. I keep looking at the door wishing someone cool would step in. I want to flirt, dance and maybe have a fling with somebody. The problem is there is no one worth spending my time with. Wanna be such guy? Then read my hints and you will become a favourite of Prague Strip Clubs.

Wear a nice fragrance while visiting Erotic club Prague

Yes, to wear i nice fragrance is really important. Sexy smelling aftershave lotion and a mint bonbon do a lot. If you spent all day at work, drunk coffee or beer, smoked and ate kebab prior to the visit to the erotic club make sure that your breath and smell will be rather stale. I am not interested what you had for lunch. If you look neat and clean, you are more likely to attract the most beautiful girls. I myself appreciate a guy with a pleasant fragrance. Such one I let to get closer to me. Moreover, a nice eau de toilette helps guys who aren’t natural heart-throbs.

Flirting is not banned in erotic clubs.

Try to amuse me, make me laugh. The thing that you pay for sexual services does not exclude the possibility of having a nice chat with another erotic club girl. Do you like me? Tell me. Every woman like compliments. Try to be original, every man who enter an erotic club thinks he is a macho know-it-all and is not capable to say anything funny. Try to avoid old-fashioned clichés, wake up Your fantasy and harvest the success that the erotic club brings. Keep in mind that we are GIRLS. The fact that we offer erotic service is secondary.

Not even an erotic club is a place where lying is allowed

Strip girls Prague and prostitutes like to hear the truth. We don’t like that kinds of boy wonders, wanna-be-smarts who are evidently not who they claim to be. I am really tired of those who claim to be professional photographers, the wanna-be tycoons who say they have enough money to buy the club. I don’t wanna be anyone’s model or possession. Just say it straightaway. You don’t need to play somebody and lie. It’s our job to do so. It is in our job’s description to pretend that we like you, and say that we are happy you came into the erotic club Prague. Enjoy the flattering but, we do not need to be paid back for it. Of course you don’t have to tell us your personal details, this data may vary but, don’t make up stories. The erotic club Prague is none of a kindergarten.

Be careful about drinking in an erotic club

No, a drunkie isn’t the coolest company. If you get bored in an erotic club Prague, don’t expect any kind of fun. Whoever would like to spend time with someone who is repeatedly falling asleep or is annoying. Having a drink to boost your self-confidence is a different music but, don’t forget that it may unpleasantly influence your sexual performance. On the other hand, drinks are a good way to avoid being bothered by a girl you do not like. Turn down her offer and stay polite – buy her a drink at least. You will see how fast you get a reputation of a gentleman in the club. And if you buy the girls a bottle of champagne, you’ll be the King of the club.

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